With full mouth dental implants, we can perform the procedure and place the teeth in one day. For single dental, we can’t place the teeth on the same day.

To better understand why the full mouth can be done in a day but the single dental implants can’t, South Hills Dental Arts has put together a guide to help you understand the procedures and their processes.

How Long is the Process for Single Dental Implants?

If you are missing a single tooth, it is likely that you will need bone grafting to help rebuild the density of the underlying bone before we can place the implant. A bone graft can take anywhere from four to six months to properly heal.

Once your bone graft has healed, we can then place the implant but will not typically place the crown on the same day. This s because the implant needs time to complete the process of osseointegration, where the implant fuses to the jawbone. This process can take three to six months to complete.

If we place the crown during this process, the chewing and brushing you do daily will likely put too much pressure on the implant, causing it to shift. This can lead to the implant becoming slanted. It could also cause the displacement of your surrounding teeth or implant failure.

How Long is the Full Mouth Dental Implant Process?

While bone loss can be present in full arch dental implant procedures, you may not need a bone graft. Unlike a single dental implant where the surgeon is limited to one location in the jawbone to place the implant, a full arch allows the surgeon to place the implants anywhere in the jaw bone that has suitable density.

If there is extensive bone loss in the upper jaw, we can plant zygomatic implants rather than a bone graft. The full-arch prosthesis is then fixed to anywhere from four to six implants that are distributed throughout your jawbone.

With this even distribution of implants, the pressure of chewing and brushing is evenly distributed across the entire jaw rather than being applied to the individual crown or implant. Due to this even distribution, we can place the teeth on the same day as your extractions and your implant placement.

Will I Receive My Permanent Teeth on The Same Day as My Procedure?

While your full arch of teeth can be placed in one day, we recommend that these teeth are used for temporary fitting. At South Hills Dental Arts, we will first fit you with a set of acrylic teeth that you can wear over a six-month period as your implants complete the process of osseointegration.

This allows you to enjoy the benefits of a new smile while allowing your implants to heal properly. After six months, we will fit you with a permanent set of teeth.

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