At South Hill Dental Arts, we want our patients to have a smile that gives them confidence and helps them lead a quality life. With our expertise in dental implant surgery and our use of the latest technologies, including 3D scanning, we can ensure that your smile looks its best!

3D scanning helps us provide our patients with more efficient, detailed, and comfortable services to our patients for an overall enjoyable and beneficial dental implant experience.

3D Scanning Provides a More In-Depth Look Inside of the Mouth

When it comes to conventional X-rays, we are only given a two-dimensional view of your jaws, teeth, and surrounding oral anatomy. While x-rays work great for certain applications, if patients are exploring options or seeking an alternative to treatment, x-rays provide limited information for the diagnostic and treatment planning stages.
With our 3D scanning technology, we can view a virtual 3D replica of your mouth. This replica includes all the structures that are around your teeth, including sinus cavities, nerves, etc. This technology is great for use in non-traditional dental implants, helping us to locate the best area in your mouth and the best position for your dental implant to be installed.

Dental Implant Surgery is More Efficient and More AccurateHow South Hills Dental Arts Ensures that Your Smile Looks its Best after Implant Surgery

3D scanning also makes dental implant surgery more accurate. With a digital model of your mouth, we can create special tools to ensure that we are able to install your dental implants in a specific location. This allows us to save time during your procedure, making it more comfortable for you, while ensuring we provide you with quality results.

Recover Faster with 3D Scanning

The 3D scans also help us make the procedure less invasive. Since the surgery is more accurate, there is less irritation to structures surrounding your surgical site, resulting in less swelling and less pain for faster recovery. You can expect to experience less discomfort, allowing you to get back to your normal routine in no time!

Ready to Transform Your Smile? South Hills Dental Arts Can Help! 

At South Hills Dental Arts, we can provide you with permanent, natural-looking dental implants to help you restore your smile and your oral health. Contact us today to schedule your appointment and get started on your journey to a beautiful, healthier smile!