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Teeth-in-a-Day™ Upper St. Clair, PA

Same Day Tooth Replacement Results with the Innovative Teeth-in-a-Day™ Procedure

Convenient dental implants solution in just one day

Restore Your Youthful Smile Without a Long Wait Time

Smile with confidence again with the Teeth-in-a-Day™ procedure, an advanced implant dentistry solution that can replace multiple missing teeth in just a single visit. You can skip the long wait times with other tooth replacement procedures and restore your smile with this customized tooth replacement solution.

Benefits of Teeth-in-a-Day™

  • No waiting period
  • Secured permanently in place
  • Customized for the patient
  • Restores a fully functional smile
  • No bone grafts
Before and After Photo - Teeth-in-a-Day® - Doctor_Name - Upper Saint Clair, PA
Before and After Photo - Teeth-in-a-Day® - Doctor_Name - Upper Saint Clair, PA
Before and After Photo - Teeth-in-a-Day® - Doctor_Name - Upper Saint Clair, PA
Before and After Photo - Teeth-in-a-Day® - Doctor_Name - Upper Saint Clair, PA
  • Transform Your Smile in a Single Day

    Receive a New Smile in One Day

    Imagine if you could walk out of our office with a beautiful new smile in just one visit. You can, thanks to a special protocol that allows us to replace missing teeth permanently using dental implants and a fixed prosthesis. Our doctors have extensive experience performing the Teeth-in-a-Day™ procedure and can transform your smile in a single day.

    Permanent Tooth Replacement with Teeth-in-a-Day™

    If you have several missing teeth in the upper or lower jaw, the Teeth-in-a-Day™ procedure may be right for you. We will fuse a set of dental implants into the jaw bone and then attach a temporary prosthesis to the implants so you have a new smile. You will come back for a permanent prosthesis when the implants are fully integrated in the jaw in a few months. The Teeth-in-a-Day™ procedure eliminates the need for dentures, bridges and other conventional tooth replacement procedures. You can look forward to having a beautiful new smile that is completely customized for you.

See What Our Patients Are Saying About Us!

Teeth-in-a-Day® Patient Testimonial - Anonymous

Everyone in the office was very professional and reassuring, particularly knowing that I was very anxious about the tooth extraction. Dr. Johnson did a great job and I would enthusiastically recommend the practice to anyone who was looking for dentists who are highly skilled and sympathetic practioners!

Teeth-in-a-Day® Patient Testimonial - James R.

Everyone is friendly and always wear a smile. They constantly check to make sure you're doing well. My family has been coming here for years.

James R.
Teeth-in-a-Day® Patient Testimonial - Jason W.

Excellent patient care from start to finish. Everyone is very professional and helpful. Great place to go where they take care of all of your needs.

Jason W.
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