If you have an infected or diseased tooth, the pain may be making you lean toward pulling the tooth. While it may be easy to pull the tooth, it is not always the best option. Saving your natural teeth come with various benefits to consider.

What are the Benefits of Saving My Natural Tooth?

In many cases, it is best to try to save your natural tooth. Benefits of keeping your natural tooth include:

Prevent shifting of the teeth.
When you have a tooth pulled, it leaves space that allows your other teeth to shift. This shifting of the teeth can take time but will eventually lead to bite alignment and chewing issues. Once you begin having these problems, it can also lead to poor nutrition, pain, and reduced quality of life.

Maintain your confidence.
If you have a tooth pulled and it creates a visible gap in your smile, it can cause you to lose your self-confidence. Don’t lose your confidence and happy smile over having a tooth pulled.

Maintain the strength of your natural teeth.
Although fabricated teeth have come a long way with stronger materials and technology, natural teeth are still stronger, easier to care for, and function better.

Saving the tooth has a lower cost.
While it may seem cheaper to just pull the tooth rather than fixing it, it typically costs more to pull the tooth and replace it with an artificial one.

Experience less pain.
When you choose to pull your tooth, you may experience several days of pain, whereas when you leave your natural tooth intact and have it repaired via a root canal, you will have immediate pain relief.

Keep your youthful appearance.
When you have your tooth pulled, you are also removing the tooth’s root that supports the jawbone. This gap can cause the surrounding bone to collapse in, causing you to lose shape and volume to your face, making you look older.

How Can My Tooth Be Saved?

In most cases, if your natural tooth has been affected by disease or decay, we will recommend a root canal to save the tooth. This is a procedure where we clean and disinfect the inside of the tooth, removing any infected or inflamed interior pulp.

After the tooth is properly cleaned and disinfected, we will fill the natural tooth with a substance to strengthen and protect it. Another option is that the tooth is restored with a crown so that it regains normal tooth function. This procedure has a brief recovery time and will eliminate any pain or discomfort caused by the tooth.

When Should I Have My Tooth Extracted?

The best-case scenario is to save your natural tooth, but there are some instances where pulling the tooth is preferred. If your tooth is cracked, especially below the gum line, or is cracked in multiple places, you will likely require a tooth extraction. When the tooth is too weak or damaged to be restored with a root canal, your dentist will likely recommend an extraction.

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