At South Hills Dental Arts, we work with the most cutting-edge technology to ensure that you receive the best experience and results during your treatment. When it comes to taking x-rays, creating models of your teeth, and bite treatment, we work with the best technology available to ensure you get accurate results and comfortable treatment.

3D Scanning

Conventional x-rays, which were commonly used before introducing 3D scanning, only provide a two-dimensional view of teeth, jaws, and the rest of your oral anatomy. Of course, x-rays work well for certain applications. Still, if you seek alternative treatments or explore your options, x-rays only provide limited information for your diagnoses and treatment planning.

At South Hill Dental Arts, we use 3D scanning technology, which allows us to view a 3D Replica of your mouth. This 3D replica includes all the structures surrounding your mouth, including nerves, sinus cavities, etc. This provides us with an accurate and in-depth picture of your teeth and the surrounding anatomy, which works well for procedures such as non-traditional dental implants. With 3D scanning, we can find the best area and potion in your mouth to place your dental implant for a less invasive and more efficient procedure.

This results in less swelling and discomfort, allowing you to back to life as usual faster!

3D Printed Modeling

3D printed modeling is a more patient-friendly method when compared to having a patient bite into impression material. Many patients find this unpleasant and, in some cases, even nauseating. With 3D printing, we use a method called intra-oral scanning to get an image of your mouth, which is then sent to the dental technician to create the 3D printed model.

In addition to being more comfortable for the patient, 3d printed modeling is also more efficient and offers a more accurate model. With the conventional method, an imprint can be negatively affected in a variety of ways, such as how long the material is left in the mouth, creating an inaccurate model.
A 3D printed model also creates a more durable and stable alternative to a conventional plaster model. With this technology, we can efficiently create a precise model of your mouth for your treatment plan.

Virtual Modeling

When you are getting dental work or major reconstructive surgery, it can be difficult for you to picture how your new teeth will look with your unique face shape. While you can view casts and wax molds, they can’t provide you with a true picture of what your new smile will look like based on your body.

With virtual modeling technology, we use a 3D scan of your mouth to overlay the improved teeth. From this point, we can tweak the image, changing how close the teeth are, the shapes of the teeth, the spacing, and more. You are able to see these changes live and can then view yourself in a “virtual mirror” with the customized teeth we’ve created.

This provides you with an accurate idea of what your teeth will look like after your treatment is completed.

Bite Treatment

Bite treatment involves determining the stability of each tooth and the level of force that is exerted by each of your individual teeth. We use a variety of diagnostic imaging to see how your jaw, teeth, and muscles work together, and if there are any signs of an occlusion disorder. Addressing an occlusion disorder early on can prevent damage and debilitating pain for a healthier smile.

We use diagnostic, digital x-rays and imaging, 3D scans, as well as a bite study, and a physical exam of your jaw and mouth to measure your muscle activity and your tooth contact profile.

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