If you have been living with constant headaches and jaw pain, it may be time to visit with a professional. Dr. Steven R. Crandall understands there could be many factors contributing to headaches, and one likely cause has to do with your teeth. In fact, TMJ could be the root cause of your headaches without you even realizing it.

Understanding TMJ

Temporomandibular joint disorder, often referred to as TMJ or TMD, is a disorder where a person’s jaw bone may become inflamed and cause pain with any movement. Just like any other joint in the body, the jaw is subject to overuse and repetitive strain, leading to pain and reduced movement. When a person cannot move his or her jaw, it can lead to problems with speaking and eating.

Pain also naturally causes individuals to tense up. They could grind or clench their teeth almost constantly. This additional strain can lead to other problems, such as serious headaches and neck pain. Because people tend to clench or grind their teeth subconsciously, it may take some work to consciously relax the muscles in order to reduce the headaches and other associated pain.

Trying Out TruDenta

TruDenta is a fairly recent non-invasive method developed to treat TMJ similarly to sports and repetitive stress injuries. The treatment is tailored to each individual based on his or her needs and the extent of the pain. Treatments may often involve cold laser therapy, microcurrent, or ultrasound technology along with specific exercises or relaxation techniques. As everyone’s pain and needs are different, the treatments used depend on the plan you develop with Dr. Crandall.

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It might be hard to imagine, but you can get relief from headaches, neck pain, and jaw pain with non-invasive treatments from the right dental professional. Contact South Hills Dental Arts in Pittsburgh, PA to schedule a consultation with Dr. Crandall today!