For those who have lost one or more of their teeth, dentures or snap-in false teeth may appear to be your only option. It’s important to keep in mind that these options do not provide you with permanent tooth replacement, and they are often uncomfortable to wear daily.

Fortunately, dental implants are another option for those with one or more missing teeth. Dental implants are a permanent solution for teeth replacement and can be placed in a single day.
Teeth in a Day provide you with a solution for replacing your teeth and improving your smile and oral health with little disruption to your daily life.

What is the Teeth in a Day Procedure?

For this procedure, we first place a titanium, screw-shaped implant into your upper or lower jaw bone underneath the gum. Once your implants are placed, we then attach bridges or false teeth to the implants to replace your missing teeth. Once the new teeth are installed, you can expect them to look and function like real teeth.

Benefits of Choosing Teeth in a Day

With dental implant surgery, you will not need to use messy glues or adhesives. Teeth in a Day is a comfortable, safe, and convenient procedure that can restore your smile with natural-looking and functional teeth. The new implants will serve as a replacement for the roots of your damaged or missing teeth and will function the same as your natural teeth.
You can also keep your healthy natural teeth since dental implants do not affect the surrounding teeth but rather will align with them for a brilliant smile. Other benefits of Teeth in a Day include:
  • A natural look and feel
  • No worries about the teeth slipping or dislodging while talking or eating
  • Get lasting results within a day

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