Crowns, onlays and inlays are all dental procedures that help protect and preserve teeth.

Typically, these procedures require multiple appointments. During the first appointment, dentists check and prepare the teeth. An impression is also taken, which is then sent to a laboratory where the necessary appliance is made. Then, during the second appointment, the permanent appliance is placed on the teeth.

The time in between the first and second appointments can range from a few weeks to a few months, which can certainly be a hassle for some people. Some patients may even choose to forgo such dental procedures, often at the expense of their dental health, just because of the added hassle of having to go to the dentist multiple times.

Fortunately, dental medicine has found a way to eliminate the second appointment, making it possible for dentists to place crowns, inlays or onlays in a single afternoon’s visit.

All of this is due to the wonders of CEREC technology.

Say Goodbye to Multiple Appointments

The CEREC system uses CAD-CAM technology, which stands for Computer Assisted Design-Computer Assisted Manufacture, to accomplish what typically requires two or more appointments in just one sitting.

The technology allows dentists to map out patient’s mouth digitally, allowing them to create crowns, inlays and onlays without having to rely on specialized laboratories, or impressions. Then, after mapping out the patient’s mouth, the restorations are made on-site as the patients wait.

Generally, the total treatment time is only about two hours, MAX. This already includes the preparation of the affected teeth, mapping out the mouth, and the preparation, as well as the placement of the dental appliance.

Thus, what typically required two or more appointments in years past could now all be done in a single visit!

Other Notable Benefits

  • No need for impressions. As mentioned earlier, traditional methods required dentists to take an impression of the teeth first using a messy elastic material. Oftentimes, patients comment on how wearing the said material makes them feel uncomfortable. With CEREC, such impressions are no longer necessary, which means that the treatment poses no such discomfort whatsoever.
  • No need for temporary crowns. Because the entire process is completed in a single visit, dentists will no longer have to place temporary crowns while they wait for the dental laboratory to finish making the permanent one. This then allows patients to eat, chew, and speak, or pretty much use their mouth, as they normally would right after the procedure.
  • Results are indistinguishable. Restorations produced by CEREC are made to fit in well with the rest of your natural teeth, making sure it still looks attractive all without having to sacrifice durability.

CEREC is one of the latest advancements in dental technology. It can help you make sure that your smile remains as bright and as healthy as ever, with the added benefit of the procedures no longer requiring multiple visits or appointments.

With the possible savings in both time and money, you now have no reason to let your self-esteem and self-confidence suffer because of poorly shaped and/or damaged teeth!

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