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Advanced Dental Technologies for Superior Results

Performing advanced dentistry procedures using innovative techniques and modern equipment

Our team at South Hills Dental Arts is able to provide a high level of care to all patients by using advanced dentistry techniques and modern technologies. Whether you are coming for teeth whitening treatments, tooth restorations or full mouth reconstruction procedures, we will make use of innovative technologies and equipment to ensure lasting results. Our office is equipped with dental lasers, digital imaging devices and a virtually painless anesthesia system to best serve our patients.

  • CEREC®

    We can create a custom crown right in our office using the CEREC® milling unit and software program. Patients that need to have a damaged tooth rebuilt typically receive a beautiful, natural-looking ceramic tooth restoration made with the CEREC® machine. We also use CEREC® crowns to create dental implant restorations. This machine allows us to provide same-day crown placement services and perform a number of other procedures with a high success rate.

    advanced dental technology in Pittsburgh & Upper St. Clair, PA
  • TruDenta®

    Enjoy drug-free pain relief with the TruDenta system, the perfect solution for treating common symptoms of bite imbalances. This advanced dentistry system includes a comprehensive assessment process using T-scan technology to check the bite for imbalances. We can also perform tests to check range of motion. The TruDenta® treatment plan may include a combination of ultrasound therapy, trigger point therapy, electro-current and low-level laser therapy providing a holistic and effective approach for treating pain.

  • Other Advanced Technologies We Use


    • Galileos® Cone Beam
    • The Wand® Anesthesia
    • Digital X-Rays
    • Intraoral Camera
    • Microabrasion
    • MI Paste Plus™
    • Plasma Rich Growth Factors
    • Tekscan®
    • OralID™
    • OraVerse®
    • NewTom CAT Scan
    • Arestin®

See What Our Patients Are Saying About Us!

Advanced Technology Patient Testimonial - Emily K.

I cant thank u enough for fitting me into your schedule! The doctor was a sweetheart and made the process, which makes my pulse about 120, much lower! I appreciate all that you do!

Emily K.
Advanced Technology Patient Testimonial - Anonymous

Everyone is very competent, and everyone is warm and friendly. There's no room left for any kind of improvement. Thanks to all.....

Advanced Technology Patient Testimonial - Donna T.

Being a former "fearful" patient, I have come to trust this dentist. His staff is friendly and professional. Procedures have been painless, except for the "pinch" of the numbing injection. I don't have to wait to be seen and normally, the procedures have been quickly performed.

Donna T.
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