As you may be aware, Pennsylvania recently issued a “Stay at Home” recommendation due to increasing Covid cases across the entire state of Pennsylvania. We are reaching out to provide guidance and certainty that we are open and here to help!

When we re-opened our offices mid-May we came back stronger and safer than ever. We elevated our already state of the art safety protocols to exceed the recommendations by the CDC (Center for Disease Control) and DOH (Department of Health). This was essential for us to do because your oral health plays an integral role in your overall health and immune system.

Bacteria in your teeth and mouth can impact your entire body and immune system! Did you know that bacteria and infection from the mouth flow to the rest of the body which can cause serious disease, even heart problems, and can weaken your immune system?

That is why it is VITAL to get your teeth cleaned – especially during COVID! Keeping your oral health on track also keeps you from expensive dental treatments by detecting problems while they are still small, saving your health and your wallet.

How can we help you get the care you need?

“In these times, I personally want to reassure you that our genuine care for your overall and oral health is of the utmost importance. The care you need to maintain and restore your teeth to the optimal level has always been our highest priority AND you being able to experience this in a safe and comfortable atmosphere is held to the same standard. Do not hesitate to contact us with any concern you might have, as we are here to help you any way that we can.” – With gratitude, Dr. Steven Crandall

Safety at South Hills Dental Arts, we have gone above and beyond to ensure your safety and health.

Our exacting protocols include:

  • patient screening, air sanitation,
  • private and individual treatment rooms
  • special vacuum filtration in the mouth and chair-side
  • complete sanitation of all rooms
  • state-of-the-art PPE
  • our virtual front office,
  • and more.

You ARE SAFE at South Hills Dental Arts.


Request an appointment or call us at 412-741-6350 to set one up. It’s a quick visit, and you’ll look and feel like a million bucks!