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South Hills Dental Arts is honored to provide our McMurray community with state-of-the-art care in an environment that feels like home. Our team of experts take the time to educate you on the entirety of your oral health state so you can fully understand your unique needs and feel confident about taking the next steps for your health.


807 E. McMurray Rd. Venetia, PA 15367
(412) 924-7432
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I came to this practice because my prior dentist had retired - I’m so glad I found them! The staff was welcoming and knowledgeable and accommodated my busy schedule. Dr. Brancolini answered all of my questions and was very personable. I would highly recommend this practice!


I had such fear and anxiety when I first went to see Dr. Brancolini at SHDA that my knees were literally shaking thinking of the work that needed to be done. Dr. Brancolini and her staff put me at ease and made me feel so comfortable discussing the plan of treatment. Every visit has gone so well!

Cathy M.

Dr. Brancolini is the best dentist I've ever had. She does a very thorough exam, then lays out what needs to be done, and at what cost, without shaming whatsoever. I feel like the dentist, her staff and I are a team working together to fix my teeth, on my schedule, no pressure at all. I would recommend Dr. Brancolini to anyone, especially if you've been avoiding visiting the dentist.

Laura T.

If you are searching for the best dental office, this is most definitely the place! There is no doctor I fear more than the dentist, but Dr. Brancolini and her staff are by far the most friendly, warm, personable team and they make you feel at ease. So hard to do with a nervous patient like me. Would highly recommend!

Kelley B.

I went to South Hills Dental Arts in Venetia after many years of not going to the dentist due to anxiety and fear of judgment of my lack of regular cleanings. I have never felt so comfortable, relaxed and treated so compassionately. Thank you so much! Your team is exceptional.

Stephanie S.

When I scheduled my first appointment at SHDA I had lived my entire life with dental anxiety so extreme that I had allowed my teeth to get to a horrible state. Shortly after sitting in Dr. Brancolini’s chair that fear was replaced with laughter and comfort. Her humor and personality allowed me to not only relax but also return again and again without feeling that anxiety I had always experienced.

Chelsea R.

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Saving a smile with All-On-X implants

Full-Mouth Reconstruction

If you are struggling with severe dental trauma or multiple missing teeth, South Hills Dental Arts is right by your side to guide you back to thriving oral health.

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Cosmetic Dentistry

When you amplify your smile, your confidence gets a boost, too. Treat yourself to our wide variety of personalized cosmetic procedures.

Replacing missing teeth with crowns and bridges

Dental Implants

Missing a few teeth? We've got you covered with expertly-crafted dental. Your South Hills Dental Arts doctor will partner with you restore your smile back to its durable, beautiful form.

Botox & Fillers

Whether you’re looking to smooth fine lines, alleviate jaw pain, or enhance your overall aesthetics, our team of experts can deliver your desired results.

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