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Facts About Missing Teeth:

  • Approximately 178 million people in the United States have lost at least one tooth.
  • 69% of middle-aged adults are missing one or more teeth.
  • Tooth loss is more common among older patients with a poor diet.
  • 90% of patients who are edentulous get dentures.

Key Benefits of Dental Implants

  • Preserves bone tissue
  • Permanent tooth replacement option
  • Balances out load on remaining oral structures
  • Last longer than other restorations
  • Natural-looking construction
  • Will not damage surrounding teeth
  • Can be used to secure dentures or a fixed prosthesis
Before and After Photo - Dental Implants - Doctor_Name - Upper Saint Clair, PA
Before and After Photo - Dental Implants - Doctor_Name - Upper Saint Clair, PA
Before and After Photo - Dental Implants - Doctor_Name - Upper Saint Clair, PA
Before and After Photo - Dental Implants - Doctor_Name - Upper Saint Clair, PA
  • Replacing Missing Teeth

    What are Dental Implants?

    Missing teeth can affect the quality of your smile and also prevent you from enjoying life to the fullest. If you are missing one or more teeth in the upper or lower jaw, one of our experienced doctors at South Hills Dental Arts may recommend dental implants as your tooth replacement procedure.

    Digitally Planned and Placed Dental Implants

    We use the Galileos® 3D Cone Beam and CEREC to digitally plan and place implants. These innovative technologies allow us to place dental implants with a high success rate and customize the entire procedure from start to finish. Many of our patients feel more comfortable undergoing more advanced procedures with sedation dentistry. We offer several options for sedation, including general anesthesia with an anesthesiologist, if you need it. Our digital planning and placement tools allow us to pinpoint the exact positioning of the implant with a high degree of accuracy. Once you are numb or sedated, we will fuse the base of the implant to the jaw and then attach the abutment to the implant. The implant can then be topped with a CEREC crown to resemble the rest of your teeth.

See What Our Patients Are Saying About Us!

Dental Implants Patient Testimonial - John M.

Finding Dr Crandall, Dr Johnson and their team was a breath of fresh air. The last 3 caps and implant they did were done perfectly. They even did all the lab work with their machine that makes them right in their office!! Highly recommended!

John M.
Dental Implants Patient Testimonial - Christine D.

I'm British and have been going to Dr. Crandall for 30 years since moving to Pittsburgh in 1985. When I left England my dentist told me I would have dentures by 42 from periodontal gum disease. I'm now 64 and still do not have dentures thanks to Dr. Crandall's care.

Christine D.
Dental Implants Patient Testimonial - Steve Y.

I met the whole office today and they were very fun. They seem to be very caring and concerned with my health and teeth. Especially Babs her attitude was fantastic. I highly recommend them

Steve Y.
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If you need to replace one or more missing teeth, talk to us about getting dental implants in Upper St. Clair, PA. Call us today to learn more about tooth replacement options that can restore your smile.

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