Are you missing a tooth or two? Well, it’s pretty understandable if your self-esteem and self-confidence has taken a hit because of it. After all, missing teeth are certainly not a pleasant sight. Though, if it’s any consolation, missing teeth is quite a common problem, especially among adults.

According to the American Dental Association, the average adult between the ages of 20 and 64 has at least three missing or decayed teeth.

Now, while there’s always the option of leaving things as it is and accepting that you have missing teeth, dental medicine has advanced to the point that those with missing teeth have quite a few treatment options to choose from. And, judging from how replacement teeth can improve one’s appearance, as well as remedy any chewing and speaking problems caused by missing teeth, there just simply is no reason why one should just leave missing teeth as it is.

Listed below are some of the options that a dental health care professional may recommend for those with missing teeth.

Dental Implants

The preferred choice by most dental professionals, dental implants can last for years, if not decades at a time. This makes this procedure the most cost-effective option when we speak of long-term costs. Also, since dental implants are made to look much like natural teeth, this makes it easy for them to blend in and become a permanent replacement for a missing tooth.

The procedure for the dental implant, though surgical, is simple and mostly pain-free, thanks to the advancements in modern dental medicine. It does, however, involve three stages and thus, may take place over several months, which is the longest among all possible treatment options for missing teeth.


The general way of describing bridges is that these devices help bridge the gap between your existing teeth and your missing ones. The procedure often requires the bridges to be attached to adjacent teeth for support, requiring the sides to be drilled down for this to happen.

The typical three-crown bridge consists of a new crown on either side of the teeth adjacent to the gap, with the false tooth suspended right in the middle.


For those who are missing more than just a couple of teeth, dental professionals may recommend dentures.

These are removal appliances that are composed of a number of artificial teeth. They’re made to mimic the look and function of real teeth. And, thanks to modern dental medicine, dentures can be made to look exactly like real teeth. People wouldn’t probably even know that you’re wearing dentures!  However, dentures are a rather drastic option and it is the least preferred procedure by most dental professionals.

Weighing Your Options

None of these options are a bad idea. The only bad idea is for you to not take action and leave your missing teeth as it is. Doing so could cause problems with your bite and result to bone loss in the surrounding area.

Also, be sure to set an appointment with your preferred dental health care professional and have your teeth checked thoroughly. Only then will you be presented which options are best for your teeth and of course, your budget.

Speaking of budget, do remember that the costs of reversing the damage done by leaving missing teeth as it is could be far more expensive. Besides, plenty of dental professionals offer flexible payment options and finance plans, which should make the procedures a bit lighter on your wallet.

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